SCW 2500 Terrace Door – Inswing

Series: 2500 Doors

Configurations: Terrace Door

Applications: General Application, Terrace and Sliding Glass Doors

Projects: The Lodge – Hope Church, Millwright Building, The Ramble Hotel


The SCW 3000 Series has replaced the SCW 2500 Series.

The SCW 2500 Series windows and doors have long been the benchmark for St. CloudWindow's superior window systems.
Its narrow sightlines offer maximum glass area and minimal frame providing unrestricted views while the I-strut thermal barriers provided exceptional performance.

The SCW 3000 Series does everything the SCW 2500 series could do, and more. 
It is more structurally sound, making it more capable for larger or complex fenestrations.  Sightlines are virtually identical, and there are many more options for muntins and other accessories.

Tech Specs